So, in trying to find ways to make money on this trip, it's approaching week three, money is being spent, yet it's still a dilemma for some to figure out how to get it coming in. There is a potential for work over the next two weekends, something everyone is hoping for, yet it's a case of us not knowing until we get there.

In trying to be as efficient with energy and time as possible, it makes more sense to try to find ways to make money remotely, earning the US dollar, rather than working an 8 hour day in Thailand, making the equivalent of $30 a day. I could sell two smaller travel photos and make a days work here.

So, in my mind I'm trying to mesh the two. The businesswoman has emerged, and I woke up this morning with a goal on my mind. 100 photos. I don't know where the number came from, but it spoke to me. As did the feeling in my gut that reassured me that the photography may be the gateway. Trust your hustle. So, I created this flier below, have already sold a photo, and am leaving the rest up to the Universe to have it all work out. I believe in the images, and I believe in myself. Sometimes that's all you have, and all you need.