Ok, so my eyes are becming heavy from the research I have been doing over the last few hours in regards to my first Visa Run. One of hopefully only two that I will need to do during this complete trip in Thailand, because frankly it costs money and is a pain in my ass.

So...Jeremiah (and possibly Jean Pierre) and I have to hit the border before we are deported, by September 29th, as my visa means shit on the 30th. First run we are looking at Laos, probably Vientiane, but honestly I'm down to make a week of it and head to Vang Vien as well for some tubing. 

So there is one main question I have for the traveling world?

1. What is the best way (financially) to get from Chiang Mai, Thailand to anywhere in Laos that will give a Thai visa that has at least a 30 day option? Anecdotes welcome...

Hit me up asap!