One of the other cast mates friend's, Tina, showed up to help navigate us around the nightlife of Bangkok a bit for the night.

Jet-lagged and exhausted my intention was not to stay out long at all. In two cabs, we went into the city and began the night at a bar called Xperience. All on line, it was free admission and everyone got one free drink ticket to start the evening.

As I approach the front of the line, a Thai woman comes up to the registration table, points at me, and says. "She's a model. Give her model tickets. Let her in." I let it rock. Next thing I know, I was handed three free drink tickets, with the word "Models" embedded on the top right corner.

Before the end of the night I networked my way from this woman, whom I found out was the head promoter, to the African DJ who may be my link into the parties of the industry here in Bangkok.

Apparently, she thought she saw me in an industry party in Hong Kong. Did she? Interesting, Universe.

PS. My apologies in advance to Jerimiah's family. You have a very wholesome son, who is in the middle of being corrupted... in the best possible sense of the word.