Nomad•ness gal Abigail Tarttelin is the first noted woman we've given this title to where it's difficult for me to write about her because I simply don't know where to start...

In an attempt, let's start on one afternoon in July 2006, Paris. It was the afternoon to shoot my short film, and I'd wanted Abby in it after using her talents for my mise-en-scene exercise earlier in the month. In the dark, with just she and I, and my DP, Batool, we created one of my favorite pieces of art below.


It wasn't until one of my very last nights in Paris that I realized in 2006 that Abby had just finished high school in London and decided univeristy wasn't for her. She's was making a b-line straight for her craft, and thus far everything has worked in her favor.

Her travels, mainly for work as an actress, had led her all over Western Europe, even attending the Cannes Film Festival, as well as within the United States with bouts of time in both New York City and Los Angeles.

Starting off in independent shorts, such as mine above, she eventually progressed into full length features like "The Butterfly Tattoo" and "Schrodinger's Girl" which premiered in the Official Selection of the independent film festival at Comic-Con 2009.

Her life, already, is a whirlwind. More recently to add to her list of achievements, Abigail just got her first book publishing deal and the official release of her debut novel, "Flick" will be released in April 2011. You can preorder HERE ON AMAZON.COM! Check her blog out HERE!