It attacked me without warning...Evie's got the Oprah syndrome...

It's not unusual for people to want to make enough money, or become 'rich' so that they are in a position to provide for their family, inparticular to give back to their parents.

I , too, am cut from this cloth but i also have a dose of what I call the Oprah syndrome. I want to so make so much money that I can just give back to EVERYBODY I come across who is deserving and needs it. Building schools, building housing developments, creating scholarships, giving away free trips so those in unfortunate circumstances can go experience the world for themselves, give extravagant gifts, finally buy my mother this fucking yellow H2 Hummer she's spoken about since I 'teen' was at the end of my age, pay for people's college tuitions, help eradicate medical bills, shit possibly even get some of this national debt dented into (Ok I don't know about all that). You get the idea though.

Kids I've seen with nothing in other countries, and at home. Dare I say, I want to save them. Is it naive of me? I have always felt this way, and the more I see my dreams on their way to fruition, the more I know I will do this if given a chance.  As Oprah often says, she prays to God saying "Use me...use me up."

I want to be the vessel of this type of work as well. Philanthropy has always been on the list of to dos. The closer I get, the ore anxious I become to be able to just do it.

Universe....use me.