The last two weekends have hit me with some emotional spurts...all due to my people and the moves we are making...not trying to make, but are making. Last weekend was Josh and Chanel's wedding.

This weekend, up until this morning, it's been Steph's impending leave to South Africa. As of this morning, my dear friend boarded on that plane to Johannesburg. Through an amazing going away party, in a loft space I'd sell my first child for, Steph, the Tribe (in FULL effect), friends, and friends who are damn near family all gathered together to send this phenomenal off in style.

Steph and I traveled India together in early 2010, after only meeting in real life twice. The third time I ever saw her face, it became a lifeline of sanity and reliability, and friendship during one of the most intense trips of my life. There was a spoken and unspoken bond between us ever since. Both of us, recently, home for months on end (which is a long time for us both) really gave way to our friendship growing. It was a conversation with Stephanie that turned the idea of building a social network for the Tribe on another platform, into an already inclusive Group on Facebook. That idea, mixed with the vision I already had in place, was hands down one of the best moves for the Tribe, the series, and the business as a whole. I thank her for that insight. Something that I run to often for both creative and personal matters.

I love her. She truly has become one of my closest friends, to date. I appreciate her spirit, her drive, and her unrelenting passion. She is a true gem.

I, the Tribe, mutual friends all want to with Stephanie an easy, joyful transition to her new home in South Africa.

Run the world, as you will, and I promise the Tribe will be there for the Meet Up. trust...


Thank you for being you.



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