Vaughn in Luxembourg (He's got the Lenny Kravitz thing going...)

For people who read the features on the blog, you've noticed through the last year that it's been a lot of women. One of the positive side effects of starting the Nomad•ness Travel Tribe on Facebook, is that I now have a vast number of fellas that have been trekking all over the planet, to feature.

First up, is Vaughn. Philly resident, yet citizen of the world. Vaughn jumped right into the Tribe and immediately became a standout personality in the group. Reeling you in through his words, honesty, and humor, he had the perfect set up to blow your mind with his travel photography. The man's camera skills are phenomenal.

Having traveled to: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, Belgium, Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, Japan

He earns the title Nubian Drifter, which is the name of his travel website. Definitely check it out!

His journeys originated in everything from an internship with a PR agency in London, to just doing what comes natural to him: exploring the world. Regardless of reason, he freely opens up about how travel has shaped his life.

'[Travel] has opened me up to so much. It's completely changed my outlook on life. Aside from the obvious, like my wide regard for foreign film, world music and multi-ethnic cuisines, I think travel has changed how I view the way we as individuals live in the world. It has made me a much more caring, agreeable person. I think because travel humbles you— it makes you realize it's not all about you (and this was big for me, seeing how I grew up an only child). It brings you down a few notches, and for me, it provided me with a sense of community that was missing from my person.'

One can only respect that.

Vaughn's Order: Food, Local Pastimes, Art, Music, Causes

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