My favorite month is officially over for 2011. As per usual, this October has done me outstandingly well. Dare I say, better than any before it. it was a month of setups. Serious set ups for the end of 2011, in preparation for what is to come in 2012.

Network talks for Nomad•ness Travel Series, my baby the Nomad•ness Travel Tribe, even the prospect of a gentleman has arrived.

To this all, I prep my focus for November.

First off, I cannot think of the number 11, let alone 11/11 without sending a congratulations, I'm proud of you, I have your back, and wish you nothing but the best, to my ex who will be moving to LA to continue pursuing his dreams in acting and modeling. Nelson, you know you're not alone. Call me anytime when you need inspiration, advice, or ventilation. We will always be there for each other. I am unbelievably proud of the man you are.

The first week of November is my younger brother's birthday.

Obviously Thanksgiving, but it's the business dealings that will define November.

I have a TED application to complete, 5 interviews from reality-tv stars that I interviewed this weekend for J'Adore Magazine,  get this Nomad•ness Diversity Workshop out to colleges, and 2 book reviews for a magazine based out the UK to get Nomad•ness some international exposure. This month will be busy, and formative, and telling as to where Nomad•ness is going into the New Year. I look forward to it, with open arms, open heart, and open mind.

onto November...