I feel like this title would be RIP Heavy D, if I hadn't spoken to him...

Today, Mount Vernon, in Westchester, New York was flooded with fans, celebrities, and onlookers alike for the servces of Heavy D, Dwight Myers. If you don't know him, you don't know hip-hop music at its core.

What brought our inital communication together was that I was always a fan of his Tweets. Every single last one of them was inspiration for my eyes, in particular while I was living out in Japan. One day a Re-Tweet, led to a conversation, led to trying to set up an interview, led to Facebook messages back and forth randomly over the course of a year.

I hadn't 'spoken' to him in awhile, but true to the begining, I was always on his Twitter page, still and always inspired.

When I heard he passed, I immediately went into my Facebook inbox and typed in 'Dwight Myers'. A year struck me. He was gone. The interview had never come into fruition. But whether he knew it or not, he left an impact. For this I thank him.

Dwight, kick it with my boy Rudi up there. He'll show you the ropes. I wish your family, friends, and every lover of true hip-hop my condolences...but please, please remember him in rhythm. Got nuttin' but love for you baby!