I am tired as all hell right now. This weekend had me up in Poughkeepsie for a wedding I found out about on Monday (Congrats Siobhan and Joe), then Jersey for some cooling out with a Tribe Member, but it was tonight's Power Meeting with my two closest male friends, and a new potential business partner that is really panning out the focus of the rest of my night before falling into a deep sleep. I had one of the most outrageous nights of my life last night. Definitely one for the personal history books...I digress.

During our Power Conversation, Josh brought up a concept that had me jotting down blog pointers for the rest of the night ahead:

We are the Transition Generation.

We are the generation that was in college when Facebook started. We witnessed a world before, and after it. We are the generation that remembers working on typewriters and word processors before ever having a computer. We are a generation that knows life before and after the introduction of Reality TV. We watched the creation of cell phones, and their evolution from bricks to touch screens. We are the generation in which Apple went from a bulky barely functional computer, to a techological cult and power house machine.

We are the generation that knows both sides. That is a huge realization when put into the context of business practices going forth. We innately have a knowledge base that comes from both sides. If weilded properly, that fortune alone has the potential for major strides in marketing and productivity going forth.

On my evierobbie. ish....