Hustling for Panama!

So the dates are set January 15th to 22nd, 2012.

The Nomad•ness Travel Tribe is taking their first ever group trip together and we're headed to Panama. This trip is going to be crazy, and I cannot wait to share the footage with you all, introducing the Tribe to the world. The group, as I have said before, is a dream come true. A vision manifested, and it's going to be amazing to be abe to sit back and hear the conversations, witness the interactions, and soak in the atmosphere as Nomad•ness keeps bringing strangers together all around the world, extending everyone's families, one traveler at a time.

To help get my portion of the funding together, to guarantee that 'Chief Rocka' of the Tribe is there I'm going on a photo blitz! I'll pretty much be shoving that 'DONATE' Button to the right, and my exquisite traveliing photos down everyone's timelines, status updates, and throats for a week or so. I ask you to bare with me.

Check the  traveling photos of my journey's around the world HERE! I'll even sign one if you like!

Thank you for all the continued support! Did I mention, I can't wait for the day this project is fully funded?! It's coming. I FEEL IT!