These 20 envelopes have the power of $20,000 in them. And there will be many more where that came from...

I'm always up to something. Dreaming bigger, going farther, doing better. Always something.

So behind the scenes I've been developing a Diversity/Travel Workshop to conduct at colleges and universities around the country, and eventually around the world. Today, I sent out the first batch of 20 letters with a one sheet on the program, the Nomad•ness Series, and who I am. I can't wait until I can venture the movement out on a broader scale, and really get the message of traveling out to the youth, the students, the thinkers, the sponges that they are. I'm hella excited!

If any of you out there are interested in bringing me and the workshop to your college or university, please just use the 'contact.' tab in the top right corner and send me your info. I am surper excited to spread the vision.