So you all know that I've been on my Paris kick lately. Nostalgia of course. To add fuel to the aggressive blaze I was sent some information on an R&B singer from France. Paris to be exact. Check out the video below. If interested in more  of what Maty has to offer check her album out HERE!

Maty Soul feat. Walking Bass - Enfants De Martin Luther King
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A little insight into the artist:

Maty Soul was born in Paris and spent half of her childhood in the south of France.
She grew up listening to Miles Davis, Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder, Lauryn Hill and later
Nina Simone, Donny Hathaway and artists from the Hip hop culture.
For Maty Soul, it all started when one of her friends invited her over to mess around with
her older brother's mic. Encouraged by everyone she decided to go for her love of music
and never looked back. Living in the South of France wouldn't stop her from jumping in a
train to Paris each time a Hip Hop or Soul artist was in town for a show, spending the
night on her sister’s couch.
To pursue her goal she decided to concentrate on music full-time. She left University
before graduating and moved back to Paris. She started singing regularly in different
venues, taking on minimum wage jobs to support herself.

Network or not work is how the saying goes. I respect the international reach. If there are other artists out there, regardless of country, feel free to contact me through the site for a potential posting.

(Cannot tell me she doesn't look like Teena Marie)