The site I borrowed the above photo from reads "Affirmation without actions leads to delusion."- Dr. Robert Anthony.

The last two days have been the success of a shift in momentum that I am simply riding at this point.

Ever since attending the AT&T 28 Day's Event at the Apollo, and introducing this project there, the momentum shifted in my favor. From fashion show room offices, to the offices of web execs, to brainstorming within a prominent television network's walls, to a promo on blog radio, the last 48 hours have been full of life. I've now acquired a night position so that I can eat, yet still have my days open for meetings, meetings, and more meetings. It's go time!

When the Universe calls, you answer with action. The moments of movement must be seized. Stand up! Let people know who you are! Say it witcha chet! (oh wait...) Be THAT person. Sell you, sell your ideas, and damnit if you do nothing else...keep going!!!!!!!

It's a blessing I can only recognize. Opportunities I have worked so hard to bring to fruition. It's time. Riding the momentum.