Today's Fundraising Day is dedicated to J'Adore Magazine.

Yes, J'adore as in French for 'love'. It's a high fashion urban magazine that began its start in April 2007. ATL based, with Creator, the lovely Taneish Leslie, in the drivers seat it's become a locally recognized and award winning magazine out of the ATL.

It also happened to be the first printed publication that gave me a chance to write for them. I came on board towards the end of 2007, and this publication had me everywhere from BET's Rip the Runway, to interviewing celebrities ranging from Dr. Cornel West, Amanda Diva, Prodigy, GURU (Rip), reality stars, and one of my favorites, celebrity trainer Mark Jenkins. An article I still adore to this day, and was contacted directly by his PR company with a thank you. No matter where I go, or how far my reach is, I never forget where you came from. In that regard, I give humble thanks to J'Adore and their whole crew for giving me the go head.

My most recent piece with them?

"Black Girl in an Asian World" a precursor to the memoir, written while I was living in Japan. They've seen me grow from a NY affiliate to a world wide travel/culture writer. I have a feeling, with innovation on both ends, our relationship will reach new heights this year.

Check out J'Adore Magazine. Be on the lookout for a relanch of the site later this month. You may see a familiar webseries on there (ahem!).

Today, I'll be reaching out to the J'adore Mag family for support on my fundraiser, BERLIN OR BUST!