It began with a guided meditation, and ended with the beginning of our vision boards. This is a glimpse at my work in progress.

Such a beautiful concept for a fundraiser. A Vision Board party. The room was filled with ladies, magnificent in their own right, homecooked food, Self-help books aligning shelves, past year's vision boards on walls, and a pile of magazines. Oh yea, and the now popular SG Collective. Loving these ladies!

There you are, in a room full of strangers, who after three or four hours have become family because you sit together talking about dreams. Asking for any pictures of Audi's, Paris, or peacocks. Talking dreams into existence by simply asking to pass the magazine. Old school jams resonate in the background. If it was New School then it was either Erykah, Jill, or India.

Simply perfect. My gratitude to the people, the invite, and the donations made to my cause as I was able to help someone else's with theirs. I wil definitey be in attendance next year...