Continuing on with the themed fundraising days, today is Fellow Bloggers Day...

Below I'm going to send a shout out to fellow bloggers that I either know personally, or have personally taken something positive from. All are different and unique in their own rights. I encourage you to find your way onto one or more of the sights and show some love in an area that may interest you.

TRAVEL- Kiritiana: Best known for her blog showcasing the Black experience in traveling at She also has a personal blog at

THE MALE PERSPECTIVE: Jason: Best known for his take on gaming, as well as explicit hump days, but all around view of the world according to you young male, you can view his site at

THE FEMALE PERSPECTIVE: Telisha: She's best known for relationship and entrepreneural talk. Her blog radio show Menage Talks has been a staple for other independent bloggers. Check her out at

NEWBIE: Geri: Geri's blog is an organic look at the world of a budding writer. Take a look at her journey through self and words at

SOUL: Marsha: This is the site hailing out of the UK that has everything music. This is the place for old-school and new school, covering everything from interviews to new releases on artists who, frankly, I think matter. She has an amazing following and we all could learn a thing or two from this woman's website platform skills. A personal favorite.

ONE STOP SHOP: Lanae: Her site is for those out there who need everything from web developing, to photography, to information on the hottest sales online at the moment. Check her out at

POLITICS: Billy: The man out of DC who decided to rage against the machine and create his own web platform as the megaphone. Currently under construction for the new launch, is the place for forums on everything from race relations to what the government is REALLY doing with your tax dollars.

FITNESS: Lita: This gorgeous beauty hails from Syndey, Australia, currently in Brooklyn. Her focus is as concrete as her body. Ladies, this is the blog for fitness tips, healthy recipe alternatives and the female take on getting in shape.

MOTIVATION: E Isis: Also, a founding member of the young women's youth group Petals-n-Belles, Isis is where you go for that breath of fresh air during the day. When you need to re-up, reboot, and re-live certain moments, her blog is a serene stop.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Stephanie: Under the alias Conner Varin, this woman has brought the world through her lens. A friend, fellow traveling buddy from India, and overall magnificently talented woman, Stephanie has grown from a novice to a vibrant photographer with images as prestine as they are gripping.

THE CONNECTOR: Kyss Connection is the place for video needs, but its creator is the woman that networking platforms were made of. Check out

FELLOW NOMAD: So I met the man behind Bloggeries after hearing his distinct voice while on the internet at a guesthouse in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He is a BEAST in the travel blogging world, a live wire in real life, and his craziness is fucking infectious. A fellow nomad, Bloggeries. The site name says it all: