So, you all saw my pleas for Dengue Fever to be done with. You read about the drama. Vicariously through blogs, travel photos, and videos you followed me on my journey with the crew of Jet Set Zero TV. The only female in a cast of four, we lived life in Chiang Mai, Thailand witnessing the beautiful, the ugly, and craziness that was our lives.

Todays fundraising day is JET SET ZERO Day! To launch it, above is the trailer for my season. Watch it, watch it again. Let it soak in because it's time to get the first glimpse at the roommates, the country, the experience. Jet Set Zero Season 8: Thailand baby!

To go along with it, you all should know Jet Set Zero has been kicking ass and was nominated for a Webby Award! We're up against the media giant New York Times, and let's just say that I like it when underdogs win. Click HERE and shoot over a quick vote for the cast of Quito, Ecuador!

Again, thank you guys for the support! You have seen step by step what I'm trying to build. It's projects like mine and Jet Set Zero that helps level the playing field. Check it out and pass it on!

Donate to my fundraiser HERE! Please!