As I look into furthering along my own career, I'm going through the inevitable process of looking at those who were there before me.

It's imperative to pave your own path, but it's just as crucial to pay attention to those who might have left remnants of footprints along the way.

The importance of a mentor/mentee relationship proves itself to be a fundamental building block. It's the opportunity to exchange with personal heroes, learn their story, and heed their advice where you see fit. A fearlessness has developed underneath my successes and many failures. If there's one thing I am glad I've developed, and something I suggest to you all, don't be afraid to ask for help. The worst thing someone can tell you is no. In that case, you don't take it personal, and you keep asking until you get a yes.

Today, in the continuation of my fundraising efforts, I'm going to be approaching some of my own personal heroes. Many are famous, others are friends, some know me, and others have probably never heard my name or Nomad•ness. It's time to reach out to those whose wisdom and insight may be as valuable as a pledge!

Let's go! 30 days left and $3375 left to raise! Let's go! PLEDGE AND SPREAD!