So you all know, and man have pledged, to the funding of my Pilot Episode "Berlin or BUST". We're doing amazingly well, and I'm sure (I feel it in my gut!) that so much more is to come. The funding of this project will reach farther out that $5000. There's so much in the works! Things you all had no idea I was stirring up in my mix. It's exciting times.

Goals are acquiring on the backs of more goals. Things have been kicked into overdrive and I seeing the beginning of what like is heading toward. Three major projects, with two getting my full attention. A team in different areas coming into place and I feel blessed because naturally it's comprised mainly of women (because we rock) an all travelers (because we get it!).

Today's meeting with my Producer clarified that the fantasy, the goal on top of the goal, is to shoot 3 episodes in 3 weeks. This is bigger than Berlin, and greater than a blog. It's a movement and the new format of the show is going to be exhilerating and fresh. Unline anything you've ever seen!

What happens if you go over $5000? With Kickstarter, you can always go over, you just can't go under! So to let you all into the belly of the beast a little bit, I'm here to tell you that the funds pledged that kick us over $5000 will go to the biger goal, of shooting three countries in three weeks! Instead of approaching networks with a pilot, we can approach with a bigger package and tthree completed episodes in the new format.

Amazing things come in 3s and its time. I've been concentrating on keeping my positivity valve open and hearing everyone out. Luck and help come from the most unlikely of sources sometimes!

28 DAYS LEFT!!! Please Pledge!