Sometimes it's hard for me to keep my mouth shut when I'm on the verge of something new that I think is about to explode!

I'm doing my best,but damn, I had to give you all peek at what's really going on in life. While working my night shift, my designer of my new travel bag line was in the studio tormenting and teasing me (like she knows she does) with photos of documenting the Genesis of my new project. So now I'm transferring the suspense onto you all!

Two of three of the colors are mixed, there's another color I chose, but it'll be a surprise when the first round is done....y'all have no idea how much sleep and food has been missed over the last two weeks. Between the FUNDRAISER (please pledge, 26 Days left!), reworking Nomad•ness as a television series with my Producer, thinking about the next phases with the book, and oh yea I work full-time like a regular person.......I can't wait for Miami this upcoming week.

I travel A LOT, but I haven't been on a vacation in years....think about it!