It's no secret in NYC that W4th Street is funny, and extremely homosexual at night. It's very LGTB friendly, complete with drag queens and all. A safe, non-judgmental haven. I can resprect it. Last night was funny though. I walked past two girls that were posted up at the top of the staircase headed to the train.

I waited for it. What? I didn't know. But the silence when I walked by was an obvious precursor.

On cue one of the girls yells, "I'd f*ck you from the front!"

Wait. What does that even mean?

Immediately, instantly, I responded with robust laughter, both due to surprise and lack there of. Oh, New York! Without breaking stride, I yelled back "Have a good night, yo!" They laughed and the girl apologized, offering an explanation for her outburst. None was needed.

In a sick, twisted, witching hour, New York City, West Village way, it was a compliment. I took it as such.

I still got it...even with the ladies!