So today I found myself entering probably the third agreement of its kind. I know all of my friends, and I'm thinking the greater public, has had a conversation with a friend of the opposite sex that went a little something like this.

"If you're not married with kids, and I'm not married with kids, by 'x' age. We need to just hook up and have a kid or get married."

It usually ends in laughter, but it also ends in oral agreement. I think the first time I made this pact, I was in high school. I don't even speak to that person anymore and have no idea what path their life has taken, but I write about this because lots of my male and female friends said they have had this very conversation.

So today, my friend and I made this pact. I'd venture to say it's a bit scarier when you say it as an adult.

I aimed for 6 years, he decided it'd be best to round it off at 5 years. I assume, his recently turning 30 would give way to that (no it's not Jason...I can already hear the speculation now). But it's funny, how as people we do these  types of things. The illusion of comfort in a back up plan. Plan B. 

I ask though, even if all in fun, is there a seriousness to this type of pact?

PS. Shout out to the VERY elderly woman, Sally I met today. My friend and I. He on her left side, and I on her right, inched our way from 12th and 2nd avenue, to 9th and 2nd Avenue, to make sure she got there ok. Enduring an endless conversation with the misconception that he and I were a couple.

"She's 27. You're 30. Very good ages. You've got a good girl," she said.

To appease her he simply responded, "I know."

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