We have a Nomad•ness Newbie! Now you are familiar with the Nomad•ness Gals I've featured in the past. Women who grab the world by the balls and travel through it. But what would this site mean if we didn't help people who haven't traveled, build up the gusto to go out there and venture on that first trip abroad? They are our Newbies and the beginning of our next wave of world travelers. That is the story of Ms. Kim Kinnard!

Kim was my roomate in college during my junior year. After graduation, we'd lost all touch and about four months ago I randonly ran into her on in Grand Central waiting for the train. In 10 minutes we had to catch up on almost five years. During this convo she found out about my travels and also revealed some of the fears of her upcoming, first trip, to Dubai. Like many conversations I've had, I heard a lot of "I wish I could do that too!" "You're so brave!". No offense, but it's all the bullshit! The things that I hear as excuses why people don't just go out and do it. But I respect it, to each is own.

So when I got an email a few weeks ago about her nerves approaching her trip to Dubai (and what a place to start traveling) I was green with envy, and proud with 'purple'? Anyway, I was so excited for her! She returned and I could hear her beaming over the internet! I'm so happy and I asked if she'd be willing to post on her feelings before and after, as I feel many people go through the same thing, and sometimes all it takes is for someone to relate.

Kim, I am so proud of you! You are beaming in this photo!


"This was my first trip outside of the country so I was very excited and scared. I had my hesitations about going to the Middle East for lots of reasons. I can't be accurate with the history with Dubai and war/ threats to the US but as far as my knowledge Dubai has not and has never  participated with such matters. Being from New York, I would say it’s a bit easy to form these opinions and have these feelings and as you know the death of Osama Bin Laden had just occurred. So in my mind I am thinking I am going to a country where women keep covered, there is no free speech, no rights like the US, and then the death of Bin happened, I was highly considering canceling my trip."


"Dubai was an experience of a life time. I feel truly blessed to have been able to do this. This is honestly an accomplishment for me. Not to just have the means to travel but to say "Yes I am going to pack up and fly to the other side of the world and enjoy myself and go out and about and be OK."  I also can say that I can come back to New York and spread a bit of knowledge to others about everything from culture and food to tours and malls, and where to stay. I can let everyone know how beautiful my trip was. Dubai is extremely Westernized and safe. Everyone speaks English very well, and every single store we have in New York they have 4 of but built in gold…

Also very important to know is the laws are strict but that’s why the crime rate in Dubai is extremely low. It's actually illegal for a man to "holla" (try to pick up a girl) in the streets. As many of us girls  get hit on everyday and have men say very inappropriate things to us while walking to and from work or home ,it was such a nice break not to hear any of that."

(I wish!!!)