I linked today with my friend, Jose, who is leaving New York City again to migrate South within the week. Approaching a month long journey in Nicaragua he's tieing up odd ends like seeing his great friend, me, before he leaves. It was also my first run in with the fellow nomad, Nasan, whom I've heard so much about on his world travels. A meeting that's been a long time coming.

Before the hello's are officially through, Jose starts:

"I have a dope story for you in regards to your whole Nomad•ness thing going on." - Jose

'Really?" - Me

"Yea, so I was talking about my trip and getting some things ready. I was really excited and explaining to my friend that I feel like a nomad. Then I said Nomad•ness." - Jose

"Aw, that's funny."- Me

"Yea, and then my friend stops me and was like, there's this girl on Facebook that I sometimes follow. I think her name is like Avit- Eva- Evita, and she has this show called Nomad•ness." - Jose

"No way!" - Me

"Yea, and I was like yo that's my homie! I know her. So yea, word is getting around." - Jose

there goes the greatest story ever told.