Davida has been pushing for donations on her Breast Cancer Walk. She's been chosen as a representative from her office for this year's Susan G. Komen 3-day Walk For A Cure Breat Cancer Fundraiser. She has 15 weeks to raise $2500, and I believe as of last night she went over the $1000 mark!

Let's help her surpass her goal! Davida is not just walking on behalf of strangers with the disease, but also on behalf of those she knows who don't have it. It's a community thing.

"I am walking for all of the women that I personally know that have been affected by this disease, I am walking because i cant imagine my life without Elsie Blankson, Mika Culbreath, Kate Blankson or little miss Gabrielle Ashley, so Lord forbid any of these ladies are ever diagnosed with this awful disease,  I would like to think I at least TRIED to find a cure!!"

Please help if you can and DONATE HERE~!