So I've been throwing you guys little clues here and there...posting some pictures here and there of the process me and my designer, Erica have been going through. Your girl has been losing a lot of sleep lately.

One of the components to my travel empire that I am building, is luggage. I want to not only reinvent (or invent) the face of young travel, but also HOW we travel.

When  you think of backpackers, or budget travelers, we're linked with this negative connotation of being dirty. Now.....we have our days. When you rough it in South East Asia, you gotta do what you gotta do. But I'm still young. I'm still vibrant, and there are a lot of people out there with the same philosophy.

So I'm flipping the connotation.

I present to you, the first, the Genesis, of my travel bag line "The Dirtbag Series"!

This is just the beginning. With time, you will see new renditions, new bag types, and colors. I'm so excited that this is coming to fruition as fast as it is.

So here's the deal, I currently only have 7 of each color right now. This first batch is specifically to raise money to go towards the FUNDRAISER..which only had 19 days left! I need your support! Buy a bag, pledge to the cause, and please spread the word!

Canvas Bags are $20 each, with a flat fee of $5 for shipping costs, if necessary.

I have NEON GREEN, ORANGE, and BLUE! These bags will be sold on a first come first serve basis!

To order this first batch, click the CONTACT tab on the site. Enter the 'DIRTBAG: (color)" in the Subject area, and send me your order details. I'll respond with payment information!

Get 'em!