I have watched the person in this photo grow from an annoying younger brother, to a full grown respectable man. I have seen him go through less than stellar phases of his life, to coming out on the other side unscathed. I have seen a young man, who easy could have been another negative statistic, grow into an addition of Florida International University's 2011 graduating class.

I was proud to the point of tears. I literally face planted into his chest, crying, at the end of the ceremony. The feeling was overwhelming to take in, or let out. My little brother. My little big brother. It sometimes bugs me out that we can talk now, and actually relate. The same boy who used to mimic me, fight me, and purposely push all my buttons, is now someone I can go to for advice and ventilation. Life is funny.

So here's to you, and FIU's 2011 Graduating class!

Shouts out to FIU for having the best graduation I have ever been to in my life. Done in 2 hours flat. Streamers busting out of sides of the gym, 'CELEBRATE" blasing from speakers, and a full on DJ blaring Spanish music when you walk out into the parking lot. Their graduation immediately turns into a party, refreshments and all. Amazing.

The world is yours guys and gals! Live it!