That was the best compliment I'd gotten in awhile. In the midst of a moment of full steam ahead, it's the fruition of thoughts and energy, meeting action.

Oprah, someone I look up to not because of her money but because of the role and metaphor she embodies to show that no matter what you came from, you can blow your dreams out the water, as I intend to. Those close to me, or many who have merely indulged in deep conversation, learn early on that I'm a huge practioner and advocate of the Law Of Attraction. I have been since 2006, and what has transpired in my life over the last five years, I couldn't have imagined when I began it. As my mother says, "Your engines are revving, but you haven't even taken off yet."

I am becoming the women I have been dreaming of, and I thank Oprah for being someone I can turn to for random inspiration. I look forward to the day when I'm getting these words in a face to face sit down with her. It'll happen.