The new batch of DRT•BG Canvas bags are ready to go! With a new improved Turquoise hue, these bags have so much pop, you have to be careful while rocking them!

We have three colors this go round Kryptonite, Clementine, and Turquoise. All are amazing, great efficient bags for the summer travels around the world, or around the block. All proceeds from this batch will continue to fuel the pilot episode shoot in Berlin. We fly out July 7th, and the goal is to raise another $1000 before our departure. So this is the perfect time to get yours. Tell a friend, to tell a friend. Time for that Tipping Point!

Fellas, and women like me who rock a backpack over an LV bag, the very first (I'm so damn excited!) DRT•BG Paris inspired BackPack will hit the site the first week of July. Definitely don't want to miss that. The movement continues...

CLICK HERE or just go to the 'drt•bg purchase' link above to purchase your bag!

Because remember....wherever you travel in life, everyone runs into a DRT•BG!