Short and sweet.

As my dear friend Keith said this between rounds of beer pong.

"No matter how big it all gets, you can never escape this."

As I looked around, I realized how right Keith was. With a male friend who will remain nameless dancing to house music in cut off jean shorts, and an unbuttoned cut off sweater. There were mullets, a bottomless pit of jungle juice, my favorite white boys from Poughkeepsie, and a sense of nostalgia that wouldn't quit. As much as NYC and my world travels have shaped the woman I much as Iona College was such a pinnacle in my all goes back to house parties (mine and others) in Poughkeepsie, and old friends that reminds me that I'm home grown.

great weekend.

PS. For those of you who have never been to Poughkeepsie and seen the Mid-Hudson bridge, it has colored lights on it. Shouts out to PK for lighting the bridge like the rainbow for Pride weekend. I peeped it.