Berlin State of Mind Randoms:

  • Back to getting used to the sun going down at 11pm.
  • Mercedes taxis and Mac trucks
  • DJ's get a deposit charged directly from drinks
  • Tagging and stickering up every crevice in Berlin is ok 
  • Thomas gets the award for VIP Lifesaver
  • Cathi is priceless. Girl talk was warming and I can see she'll be a friend by the end of this trip.
  • Best mojitos I've ever had were in Paris and now in Berlin
  • Shouts out to the open drinking allowed in public and the 3 chicks on the train going in on a bottle of wine.
  • Cars can legally park on the sidewalk
  • Respect given to a country who allows the art of graffiti to enhance their streetss without trying to demolish it. The piece above is INSANE!