So it started on our first trip to Tacheles... we were trying to find our way around the back, from the front, and there were a select few artists who were either performing or selling art. He was sitting there, long haired, on some Johnny Depp, starving artist type shit and I fell in love with his necklaces.

His smile was sly, ear to ear, and laugh was infectious. Intrigued by him and his jewelry, I bought a piece and asked for his help putting it on.

'Wow, I want to kiss your neck," he said.

"Oh yea," I responded.

I felt him tugging the wire around my neck. Snug and then I got chills down my back as he leaned over and kissed my neck. The photo above is our commemoration of the event, the day after. He's smooth and sooo alive. My temporary Mexican boyfriend, living in Tacheles.