The dopeness that is the Berlin Wall...

Again, a history that I was not familiar with, nor really interested in, until I knew Germany was on the itinerary. This wall was the physical representation of the divide in West and East Germany. It was on November 9th, 1989 that it was finally broken down and the city merged. Lives were lost in front of this wall. Memorials sprinkled up and down it, but for the most part this is a rejoice in graffiti art. Original pieces run all up and down the longest stretch of the wall that is still up, now dubbed the East Side Gallery.

There will be a scene in the pilot, of me biking to East Side Gallery. I'll also be posting some behind the scene snippets over the next few weeks, so you all see what really went into everything in the photos and eventual pilot.

Constructed in August 1961, the German Democratic Republic on the East, erected the wall to block out the near, West side. A city divided.

In part of the Public Enemy interview I did (that you all haven't seen yet) Chuck D really reminiced about them performing in Berlin back in the day, and there being a real issue because they had fans on both sides of the wall, yet they all were permitted to see them perform. Guard towers were placed along the wall and it was even known for awhile as the 'death strip'. 

I have to would life change if NYC was somehow divided in half? How about your town or city?