It'd been almost 5 years since I'd first landed in Amsterdam, by myself, that summer in 2006.

I remember taking that train from Paris Nord Station into Amsterdam's Central Station. I recall being lost for nearly an hour looking for my hotel, which was farther away than intended from the downtown area. In 48 hours, I'd navigated the Van Gogh Museum, Canal Ride, Coffee Shop, and Red Light District. Again, from that first trip I told people that if you go to Amsterdam, make it part of a bigger trip. you can do everything you want to do in Amsterdam in about three days. Back there this past Sunday, I have to say that I think that point should be emphasized even more. I don't know if its me being 27, or me not being a weed smoker, or just my utter exhaustion that led to me falling asleep on my bags in the middle of Central Station, but I really kind of disconnected from Amsterdam.

Don't get me wrong, it still remains a beautiful city, full of waterways, and amazing European architecture. But damn, I think I forgot just how much this city is really just wrapped around smoking weed, popping 'shrooms, and sex. Ok, sex fine. (I'm just sayin') But I was walking around at 8am and I already smelled alleys filled with marijuana before I could even wipe the crust out of my own eyes. I don't get it, and maybe I just won't because that's not my thing. The prostitutes at that hour were 50+, yes in age.

After my homeless backpacker nap at the train station, I linked up with the friend of a Nomad•ness faithful, Fabianna. He took my to the beautiful public library downtown, and we re-did the Red Light District and Chinatown. Little did I know that he'd be the black mail photographer of my Amsterdam trip. Again, my first trip there I did alone for the fact that I didn't want anyone judging what I did while there. Now, I had someone with evidence. Moreso than anything I looked at there, it was just that I looked a mess running on 2 hours of sleep. But Amsterdam will wake you up. That's for damn sure. I'm sure I'll be back again, but for now....I'm good.

Where apparently the women put bananas inside of themselves. Guys can peel and eat. Bon appetit.


And my favorite below....

The "Big Dick Rabbit" I swear that is their name.

Photo by Chris.

Photo by Chris.