There's been so much love to the movement of both Nomad•ness and DRT•BG. Tonight, after signing on Facebook ('Like" our page to the right side of the site, please), I was tagged in a post by PR guru Pianca Pink. As stated in the article link, we've only knwn each other for about two years, but in that short time you get a feel for people and how they go about their business. Pianca is always busy, but also open to help women she sees helping themselves. All that is to say, I'm humbled by the article she wrote, profiling me in her new Inspirational Women Blog Series. Written so beautifully, I send nothing but gratitude out to this woman. Feeling is mutual. Check the write up below.

Inspirational Women We Love (Blog Series): Ms. Evita Robinson, The Visionaire Behind Evierobbie Media &