I guess I should begin this entry with the disclaimer that I'm not an advocate of prostitution. I am an advocate of one's own personal choices as to what is done with their body. Prostitution is not so much my thing. But in traveling to so many different places where it is both legal, and not, it's impossible for me not to recognize its popularilty, economic invigoration into countries whose economies barely exist, and how much more accepted it is in other parts of the world. 

Good, now that that's out of the way...

I was stunned! Being that I have traveled to some countries where, for better or worse, prostitution is a part of their culture, usually it's kind of stereotypically rugged.

One of my favorite parts of Berlin, is the area where Tacheles is located. I'm currently editing some footage to bring to you guys this weekend to show you the phenom that is this artist colony. Walking to a beer 'library', with Thomas, as we passed this parking lot.

"Yea, so at night the prostitutes line up here. Some of them have bedrooms nearby but most times they just go into, or behind, a car and handle their business," he said.

This was an open air parking lot. Like one you would find attached to your nearby neighborhood restaurant.


"Yea, well prostitution is legal here. Many of them are from Poland."

Again, you learn something new everyday.

The next night I linked up at the beer 'library', walking past this very spot, at about 10pm (still light outside in Berlin) and I saw the most decked out, physically enhanced, and frankly good looking prostitutes I'd ever seen in my life!!!! Seriously, they were comparable to your more attractive go-go dancers in clubs. I definitely saw their likes in Miami. Fish net stockings, timid hooker heels (if such a heel exists), fresh makeup, straightened hair, and a strut that would put most of us to shame. They were f&*king hot!

Again, what you do with your body is up to you...as long as everyone is consenting, and safe, I have no problem with it. But.....damn!