It was one of the reasons I needed to visit Berlin.

I have now traveled to the Taj Mahal, Angkor Wat Ruins, and the Berlin Wall itself. Yet, I would have to say, in my artistic mind, Tacheles should be put on the list of World Wonders. Luckily enough, we were able to shoot this piece of art history while in Germany. Through a guided tour we were told about the history of this place, and its current fight with the local government to keep the place open. Not unlike certain plights artists have in NYC, there is a give and take going on between artists, and the business of art.

The 'Support Tacheles' movement is one I take extremely serious now, as I've walked through its walls myself. More is to come, in the Nomad•ness episode, but this is a short snippet giving you a peek into what it was like on the inside  of this fortress. Shouts out to the staff at Tacheles, especially Linda, for allowing our cameras inside.

As the sticker says, I support Tacheles! You should too. Some history on the building is below, but if you can please DONATE to their cause. This building is too important to be turned into hotels and apartments...DONATE HERE!


“Tacheles” is an old Jewish word meaning to disclose, to reveal or to speak clearly. The slang meaning of the word was bringing to an end.

The Art-Centre Tacheles is situated in a ruin in Berlin Mitte. Located in former East Berlin, the area was a Jewish quarter in the past and has now become a meeting point for people interested in arts and culture and for those who think they are.

After the Berlin Wall came down in November 1989, a subculture which had its main focus on autonomy, spontaneity and improvisation arose in the former East Berlin areas Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg and Friedrichshain. Artists and individualists from all over the world used the plurality of available free spaces to put alternative lifestyles to the test.