Photo By: Eva Sandorova

There's another Nomad•ness Gal to add to the list of phenomenal ladies already present. Today's shout out goes to a Xianix Barrera.

I first met Xianix in an art class at Iona College. Both 2006 graduates, and full of art lust, we ended up in a number of the same studio classes before getting our diploma. Her talent on a canvas was immediately apparent to the students, and faculty, but her passion for art took another turn. A turn that couldn't be explored in our own Iona classrooms. Xianix was in love with Flamenco dancing.

Years after school we would randomly run into one another. But I really think our relationship changed during one phone conversation. I'd returned from Japan, and she called for advice on moving abroad. Nerves were kicking in, approaching what would be the first of many trips she'd be taking to Sevilla, Spain to perfect her craft. MUST check out the video posted below of her in action.

This love of Flamenco fuels her traveling, an awe dropping personal weight loss initiative, and the entrepreneurial spirit that led her to open up her own New York City Flamenco Group, Sabor Flamenco.

"I had no idea that the one decision to take a Flamenco class on January 8th, 2005 would change my life forever. I found my calling, my passion, and my dream. I was told that I must get myself to Spain to truly understand what Flamenco is all about. Through extremely hard work (holding down three jobs, working seven days a week, for three months after graduation) and sacrificing my summer, I got myself to Spain for a month in 2006. I’ve since gone to Spain every two years for 3-4 months at a time. Immersing myself in the tradition and lifestyle of Flamenco. That which cannot be taught in the US, that which can only be experienced at the root of its creation," she says.

Xianix has visited London, Paris, parts of Morocco, Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Jaen, and Sevilla Spain.

"My travels started in 2005 when I went to London for spring break. I remember being amazed by the round-trip ticket price of only $300. It was great for me because while everyone was heading south to Cancun, I was heading east for a bargain. I loved it so much I went back the following year. That first experience with traveling outside my bubble of Washington Heights (NY) opened me up to the world that is out there. The world that I thought I’d never get to experience myself."