From work, to news, to the streets, to strangers, it's all everyone is talking about in New York.

This damn Hurricane Irene...

It's official that the city is mandating all trains to be shut down as of 12pm tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow morning will decide on whether or not there will be an entire evactuation of downtown Manhattan.

The entire city on lock down though?

I'll be honest, the last thing I remember doing that was 9/11. So to say, I'm interested and intrigued by all the different ways this can go down. There is a part of my personality that finds itself drawn to hysteria. Something primal about it.

All this hurricane talk reminds me of when I was living in Japan, and ended up at my friend Mariana's apartment during my first ever typhoon. It was cool to say you got through it, but there was a tingy of 'anti' to it's climax. So I'll pay attention, take precautions, and ride it out...

In the mean time enjoy some music. "Hurricane Ivory"