Homeboy Sandman- "Calm Tornado"

It's hard for me to write this piece objectively because I'm writing about not only someone I garner inspiration from, but also a friend. 'Homeboy Sandman' has been a part of this site's tag cloud for years now. Whether it was shooting him for the piece Okayplayer ran on him, or attending a show and watch him rip it like he always does...he's always been a light, from the first day we met.

I woke up to a Twitter message from the homie Jason, stating "Homeboy Sandman got signed ;)!"

I smiled. First thing I read waking up. This didn't completely surprise me, as I was just politicking with him a couple weeks ago, during which it was relayed to me that something was in the works.

Homeboy Sandman (and it's killing me not to use his gov't name, which I refer to him as) is one of the most confident, yet humble dudes I have ever met. A loyal fan base, and what I think they love about him, is what I've always admired: that he's tangible. You can catch him on the train, and always find him in a pair of sweat pants and kicks. Never one for trying to keep up appearences, you always just got...him.

As an admirer of his art, and a friend, my most heartfelt congratulations to Homeboy Sandman on getting signed with Stone Throw Records. You're already a legend, it's just time for the world to find out!


One of my favorites off the most recently released album The Good Son. "Yeah, But I can Rhyme Though". Of any album he's dropped, this is ultimately one of my favorite tracks period...Knowing him, I know that he has heard every SINGLE thing that he wrote about in this song. It's the most eloquent 'fuck you' I've heard an emcee create in a long time.