The subject of this
Nomad•ness gal, is Sheryll Donerson.

I stumbled upon Sheryll's Twitter page but it was her Tumblr that really caught my interest enough to reach out to her personally.

Her Tumblr description reads:

I'm 24. Los Angeles. I love to travel. Obsessed with fashion, food porn and interior design. And wine. Lots and lots of wine.
I'm also the blogger at

I'm kicking my quarterlife crisis in the ass.

How can you not love that? There's a spunk to her that all of my favorite women in the world possess.

We share the same lust for Paris, as she's already booked her one way ticket out to London, and will be moving to France shortly thereafter.
She's a woman who was honest with herself enough to realize her dream job was far from what she thought. She's also a woman courageous enough to do something about it.

"When I graduated, I moved immediately to LA with my boyfriend. I immediately started working. I landed my dream job: Assistant at a talent agency....when I realized that the office life just wasn't cut out for me. The career path I was on had me working 9 hour days in a windowless room. I was depressed, gaining weight and completely unhealthy. In a moment of despair I googled "travel inspiration" I found countless blogs that revived my life. I knew wanted to travel. I wanted to feel alive again."

I find that this happens with many women. We're at that time in our life and we think we know exactly what we want, we got after it, we obtain it, then we feel guilty for feeling like we want more. For me, it was wanting to be a Producer. That was my mecca. I found myself working around Producers and asking myself ..."That's it?" Use it as motivation for change, and that's just what Sheryll has done.

Sheryll's first peek at travel began in London, as she continued to explore other parts of Western Europe.

"While in London, I traveled to Italy, France, Turkey, and Greece. I was astounded by the lack of women of color I saw traveling. In Greece, I actually had people come up to me and take pictures with me..because they had never seen someone with my skin complexion before. It was completely mind blowing to me. It let me know that I not only need to travel for myself, but share my experiences with other women."

Enough said...

You can follow her on her journey at The Wanderlust Project.