One, I am who I am, and I am the most comfortable in my skin now than I ever have been in my life. I know my strengths. I am well aware of my weaknesses. I love myself just the same. With that comes the wisdom to also know that some people will 'get it' and some people won't. Everyone's perceptions of you and your actions, will also be a reflection of their own experiences in their own life. Therefore; you cannot and should not aim to please everyone else. There was a time in the past where I was very self-conscious about the way I looked, how I acted, how much emotion I would let people see, and it turned me into an anxious ridden mess. I have grown so much from those years into a confident, forward thinking, headhunter. I know I am an extremist. I know I am a control freak. I also know I am personable, yet have a knack for getting shit done (to be frank) in a way most people couldn't.

My work ethic is kind of sickening at times. But I will quote one of my mental mentors, Will Smith again. (see inspirational video below) "If we're both on a treadmill, either you're getting off first, or I'm gonna die. You will not outwork me." There you have it. When you find your calling, what you are CERTAIN you were put on this Earth to do, to offer the world, that's the level your brain functions on. Period.


Two, I am turning into my grandmother. This is the revelation that made me laugh and I'll be talking to my vixen grandmother tonight about it. This woman is in her 70s and is so on point. I credit it to the phenom genes she has since passed down to me, but more importantly, she keeps moving! When everyone else in my family, and many peers her age were migrating down south like a flock of birds, for a slower pace, she was completely against it. I get my short boredom threshold from her as well. She has to be active, and she is. I see my evolution into her most when I host events (like this past NYE with the Tribe). I've been throwing house parties since I was in Middle School. This is a secret love of mine. My grandmother, also, has been the host of damn near every family function. That's her thing. Her and my Aunts. No matter the event, there is something you will grandmother moving and handling everything. When everyone is telling her to sit down, and relax she's looking at them with a steak knife and the look is enough for them to know they better go sit down, enjoy their drink, and let Ruthie handle the background. And she does flawlessly. Is it stressful? At times. Does she delegate? Yes. Does she get a high off of seeing other people enjoy themselves? YES. And that is where I think there is a disconnect with some people. When you are a 'giver' you get your enjoyment out of everyone else having a good time, not by getting drunk and being part of the shenanigans. That's your satisfaction and your reward. Thus, I am turning into this woman more and more by the day. I'd have it no other way.

Three, I am most attracted to (which is giving away to solely attracted to) people who live with a purpose. This 'attraction' spans from relationships into friendships and even 'familyships'. These are people who attack their dreams . A huge lesson I learned in 2011 is that entrepreneurs, get other entrepreneurs. We (without explanation) understand the hustle, time, blood, sweat, tears, and money (can the church say amen) it takes to build your own personal empires. We get it! We know the fear, risk, and utter faith it takes to bet everything on YOURSELF. And that is precisely what it takes to make it happen. You must give everything! I was on a date last week and the gentlemen made the comment, "I know that anytime we speak, 2/3 of the conversation is going to be about Nomad•ness and the Tribe." I smiled and laughed because he is 150% right. When you are building you HAVE to be that tuned into what you are doing until it launches on its own. My conversations with 'builders' are amazing, and different in many ways from those when I am just interacting with people generically. The smoke and mirrors are gone, and we have a true mental connection. That's what I want in my life for 2012.

All in all, I'm pleased with what has shown itself, and the filtration it's bringing about. Starting that physical cleanse tomorrow. I really ask for everyone to take the time, and even if it's just one thing, find your revelations going into the first week of 2012. And thank you so much for the support you all have given. 2012 is THE year!