Here are my Top 3s of 2011:

Top Places:

1. Germany

2. NYC

3. Miami

Top People: (needed 7)

1. Mikey

2. Public Enemy

3. Greg Selkoe

4. Thomas

5. Homeboy Sandman

6. Kali Blocker

7. Jason Francis

Top Events:

1. splash! Hip Hop Festival

2. Mikey's Graduation

3. Tokyo Rising Premiere

Top 3 Hardest Moments:

1. Rudi 1 year memorial

2. Breakup with Nel

3. Being a 1st responder to a motorcycle accident

Top 3 Books:

1. Tribes by Seth Godin

2. Flick by Abigail Tartellin

3. The Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell

Top 3 Memorable Moments:

1. 1st Tribe Meet Up in NYC

2. Tacheles

3. Battle of the Sexes

Top 3 Epic Fails:

1. Attempting to be a Cougar

2. Feeling the need to always have to explain myself

3. Falling off the healthy eating bandwagon towards the end of the year

Top 3 Words/Phrases:

1. Dope

2. Tribe After Dark

3. I'm just sayin'

Top 3 Successes:


2. Nomad•ness Travel Tribe

3. Write up in and Clutch Mag

Top 3 Trips for 2012:

1. Panama

2. Germany

3. Spain

Top 3 Plans for 2012:

1. Be on/affiliated with Black Girls Rock!

2. Be 100% totally financially self-sufficient off of Nomad•ness endeavors and evierobbie. media.

3. Nomad•nessTV to acquire funding in the area of $500,000 or more to go ahead transform the world through this series, with proper financials through advertising, sponsorships, investors, and income

4. Integrate the Tribe and the series seamlessly

5. Hit the college and university population with a vengenance through workshops, panels, and hosting to spread the word of travel and tolerance to the demographic I've always intended to hit