Bluff Resort in Bocas Del Toro, Panama:: Tribe Headquarters

I titled this photo, 'Good Morning' because it is what the Tribe woke up to, everyday, while we stayed in Panama this past week. Our own oasis, private beach, and dirt road with no name.

We were completely off the grid.

Solar powered everything, rain water recycled showers, and no internet access after the first rain drop fell. It was perfect. No talk of tv, cell phones, and the lack of internet (knowingly) because in the end we knew it was about us. The quote that kept floating around the week was 'everyone who was supposed to be here, is here.' I believe in my gut that this is true.

To wake up everyday to the sound of the ocean waves crashing against the shore, watching a native crack open a coconut with the blade of their machete for your breakfast, and breathing in the wealth of air was one thing. But, for me, as the 'creator' of this Tribe, it was a daily reminder of the truth that comes with the belief of manifest destiny. It wasn't the place for me, it was the people.

This was the first ever Tribe group trip. The Genesis of it all. This, in hindsight, is where if everything is going to fall apart, it should have. 18 strangers (for the most part), living under one roof, in a foreign country, only knowing each other through online, no readily available transportation, no television or phones for distractions, just us...and it was absolutely amazing. Words have scattered their way around my brain, but it's still a struggle to put it all together to emphasize exactly what I feel.

Pride. Will. Faith. Family. Knowing. Trust. Love. Love. Love...

love. In many, various forms, I feel we all found that. I know I did to varying degrees.

For me, this trip showed me first hand that no matter how outlandish people think my dreams are, they are mine for a reason, and they will all come true, as I intend. This trip showed me that no matter what people's opinion of who I am, what I do, and how I do it's my visionary journey and in that, and the Universe, I will trust wholeheartedly. Whether I have known you for decades or days, you will see how I create. I will make you a believer.

Ultimately, what I took from this trip were two ideas that transcend 'I' in any form: the essence of family and team. This is a family. There is a bond that the people have on this trip that will never be duplicated. We were the pioneers. We cooked dinner together every night, and woke up to eat breakfast together every morning. In reality, I can't tell you the last time I've even done that with my own biological family. Real talk.

Team work makes the dream work.

As I think back, look through photos, and video footage, it's all about team. Again, I surrender to the fact that in the threads, in the Tribe, we speak openly about prefering to travel alone, yet the speed with which 18 of us packed up to move in together or a week, was brain numbing. From people helping me with shooting this week, to people cooking dinner, to cleaning, it was all team.

The Jungle Brothers gave the Tenders a sense of protection. The Tenders gave the Jungle Brothers a sense of being nurtured. We support one another as a unit.

I don't even know how many of us can say that about our own families, yet we have one another. It's also the reason why I have always known that this journey was bigger than just me. It's why the Tribe now plays a very specific role in the series, as you will see once the Panama episode is edited down. It's why I always knew that I was a messenger of the Universe, and as I have said to the stars above 'Use me'. I see myself as a vessle for change. Worldwide change.

this trip. these people. their heart. my vision. our travels. Nomad•ness Travel Tribe forever.

The Firsts:

thank you for trusting in the vision. trusting in me. love each and every one of you.