I'm a Kanye Fan...let's just throw that out and get over that first hump.

I'm not a blind fan though. Meaning, I'm not a fan that turns a blind eye to the wrong intentions, bad choices, and flaws in people, even icons in my eyes. Kanye has done some foolish things in his lifetime. Haven't we all? Just so happens his get magnified. 

'George Bush doesn't like Black People' rubbed some people the wrong way. I happen to not be one of them.

Ambushing Taylor Swift's acceptance speech on the VMA's definitely a low point, from my point of view, in his career. It was uncalled for, insensitive, and highly unprofessional. So, yes I get it.

The man is still a genius though. An icon. An entrepreneur who put it all on the line before it started reaping it's own benefits.

I DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT think last night's Twitter discussion coming from his page was one of those moments.

I was more surprised by everyone's negative comments towards his speaking on education reform, wanting to start a school program with Spike Jonze (fucking genius!), and even posting a gmail account where people could send in their own ideas. What artists do you know, and listen to that would even do something like that?

Kanye (and I) never claimed to have the answers to it all. As he stated, it's something in the system that needs to be changed, but why knock a celebrity for speaking on it to get the dialogue going? It was a complete disconnect to me.

Why make fun of those (including myself) who did email the address with business plans, ideas, resumes, etc....who cares?!! Why bring negative energy to something that may positively change someone's life, even if that life is Kanye's.

Live and let live.

Strive and let strive.

Succeed and let succeed.

Maybe I'm missing something.... I don't get it.