So the Nomad•ness Travel Tribe is headed on it's 1st EVER NomadnessX Trip in a little over a week. 20 of us are headed to Panama for a week. I can't even explain how much I am 10000% looking forward to every aspect of this trip. Haven't been on a plane since Berlin and I'm beyond the itch phase. I need to get the hell out of NYC. All the better, I'm leaving this bitter, disrespectful cold, to get into a tropical climate. Not even to mention that I'll be shooting there and you all will be blessed with a new episode sometime in February, and this time I get to debut the Tribe. I can't wait. 

The preparations are showing themselves bit by bit and there's tons to do, including get some funds in my pocket. When it's the top of the month, and you're going on a trip, and you're released from a contract a bit earlier than expected from freelancing, your brain...well my brain, goes a little coo coo trying to find creative ways to build a buck. The standard photos, bags, etc but (don't judge me) I also came across a site that had my mind on a whole other plane. Has anyone ever gambled (legally of course) to raise funds for trips? Randomly came across Party Poker and I had to sit with myself for a second...Would I? Should I? Could I?

Spades is more my thing (blame my ethnicity) but I can tear down in some Texas Holdem. Y'all have no idea! So... egaming, Party Poker, new way to pay for travel? Thoughts? I'm just saying...