The Tribe is an entertaining place. It truly is, and I'm grateful daily for all of the ideas that flourish from it. We have our own swag, own vocabulary (and dictionary to go with it), own family and relationships among each other. Thus came the idea of the HumbleBragger.

The essence of the HumbleBragger is someone who states facts, that can come across as bragging. This is something that many world travelers are stereotyped as doing, whether purposeful or not. I know I've done it. All it takes is somene asking me where I got a piece of clothing, for me to come across like an asshole.

"My shirt is from India. Actually, I picked the silk and the guy handmade it in two hours, while in Jaipur."


That's all fact, but taken the wrong way, I can come across as pompous...thus a case of the HumbleBragger.

In fun, and necessity, I wanted to create a T-Shirt line that played into this 'ego' that travelers operate with, and poke fun at it a little bit. From a business perspective, it was also important to me to start producing clothing that can be relevant and opened up to not just the Tribe itself, but travelers from all walks of life.

Thus, the first creation we have is the Nomadness Ego Series.

Debuted Sunday, September 30th, 2012 the same day as the Tribe's 1 Year Anniversary's the perfect clothing addition for the traveler with spunk. If not you, the traveler in your life. I encourage everyone to support the first go at the Nomadness T-Shirt line, and the movement it support.