I want this feeling again...

I've had a number of conversations over the last few days that have been pushing the Nomadness College Tour into the forefront of the cerebellum.

I'll be reaching out to the Morgan State appointed Nomadness College Reps today and I can't wait to hear their ideas on helping build this outreach leg to the movement.

Shouts to Tribe Member Claire Bear for sending over video and photos from this day on September 17th. Can't believe it's officially been a month. Time is moving.

As I do with the Tribe I'm reaching out to you all. Whether you are a student, faculty member, Study Abroad organizer, Student Activities affiliate, and alum please take the 2 minutes to watch the Nomadness College Tour promo video below and send it to whomever you see fit to help get us to your present or former college campus. Thanks loves!

There is nothing as motivational as eager minds. Please pass along.