October is my favorite month. Blame it on me being an uptown, OK upstate girl, but the truth is that autumn is my favorite season and good things come into my life during Octobers. I change with the seasons. A sort of mental and emotional transition comes about, and I relish in Metro North train rides up to Poughkeepsie, entertained by the beautiful landscape. I joke with all my New York City die-hards who only see this time as the transitional period before winter hits. They don't like it because they can't see it. You need the apple cider, pumpkin picking, sweaters and boots in your life. Trust me, it's good for the soul.

But I'm here for all...and let's be real...I too am getting on a plane in three weeks to head to the Dominican Republic to go relax in the sun.
As should you, we all deserve it.

This will be my first time in DR, but there are so many options for to bring some sunshine into your holidays. Hit your favorites, like Jamaica. Or go somewhere exotic, that you never thought of like Goa, India. I'm a fan of the road less traveled, and there's something enticing about dropping an unexpected HumbleBrag about where you spent your vacation. Apologies, but I tend to tune out the Caribbean, personally. I think it's cooler to big up a trip to Egypt, or Tunisia, or a Greek Island...ok, I'm getting a grip on myself. DARE to travel somewhere you havne't been before. And I give you readers permission to throw this right back in my face, for going to DR. The trick is, I've never been there before. And I hear it's quite aesthetically pleasing....you know, the whole view. Just go get that Vitamin D!